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Fort Clux Virtual Farmers Market; Farm to Business Delivery - Let us bring the farmers market to you!  Account Required for Checkout -> Sign up for an Account!

What we want for our Customers and our Partner Farmers

For Our Customers We Want -

  • To provide local foods from local farms, that is raised humanely and sustainably.
  • Make it Easy Peasy – Use the internet to get your farmers market quality meats and eggs delivered to work. Time savings for you!
  • Provide interesting information to enlighten and allow you to make informed choices.
  • Delivery in a 3-day cooler, for a small $19.99 non-refundable deposit.
  • To recycle with the "rotating" cooler. All coolers are cleaned and sanitized prior to reuse.
  • Access to coupons, sales and perks.
  • Delivery to your place of work or community, 2 times a month. 
  • Comfort in knowing your food is grown LOCALLY, humanely and sustainably (We investigate each farm before offering them a partnership)
  • Satisfaction knowing that the money you are spending on your orders is going directly to the farmers who grew your food for you.
  • Information regarding local farm events and what farms have to do to bring food to you, it truly is a passion.

For our Partner Farmers We Want -

  • Your $ goes directly to the Farmers – no “wholesaler” taking 35-50% of sales.
  • Get the word out about Small Farms – Yummy Food found here!
  • Invest in humane, sustainable farming practices. Keep It Green!
  • We can find everything we need in our community, lets keep it growing.



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