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Grow With Us

Grow With Us

Your feedback and suggestions about Products, Businesses to include (as a producer or consumer), and Farmers will help us to provide the products you want, from farmers who share your values.

Your participation as a business, customer or partner farmer, in our community will keep the market and viable and strong.  

We will make a great team.  It takes a community to feed a community.

Your investment in us, will help us plan for and build the infrastructure to support fresh meat, produce and other product delivery to you.

We will seek out the Farmers and Artisans who agree with our values, introduce them to you and keep them and their products at your fingertips. Great food, Great Products, and Easy access - we bring the farmers market to you.

Remember our focus is Green, Sustainable & Humane Practices and keeping the guardians of those practices, small farms, working and connected to you.

Recycling is IMPORTANT. We use our coolers to minimize impact to the environment AND enable you to keep your meats in great condition while you go about your day.  Bring your empty cooler and trade it for your next order.  Additionally, you can return your egg cartons - we will reuse them.

Product or Farmer Suggestions (aka "Contact Us" Page) or email us at Contact@FCVFM.com



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