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FCVFM Philosophy and What We Want for You and our Partner Farmers


We believe:

  • You should not have to sacrifice convenience for quality. Our business is a combination of "Amazon", your local farmers market and UPS.
  • Small Farms provide a critical option for consumers - food grown naturally, healthily and sustainably.
  • Quality food is tastier and better for you.

What we want for our Customers and Our Partner Farmers

For Our Customers We Want -


  • Farmers who are humane to animals and concerned about keeping the earth greener and healthier.  
  • Food raised naturally making the connection with quality food and good health.
  • Delivery in a 3-day cooler, to keep your meats safe during transport and while you are at work or on your way home. We recycle with the "rotating" coolers. All coolers are cleaned and sanitized prior to reuse.


  • Make it "Easy Peasy" – Use the internet to get your farmers market quality meats and eggs delivered to work and/or community. 
  • Relationships with our Partner Farmers, through our website, Facebook page and farm visits and events.
  • Delivery to your place of work or community, 1 time a month. 

Shared Values

  • Quality and healthy meats for you and your family
  • Comfort in knowing your food is grown locally, humanely and sustainably. You know whowhere and how your food is grown.
  • Supporting local economy and small farms. Your farmer is local w/in an hour or so of your home
  • Satisfaction knowing that the money you are spending is going directly to the farmers who grew your food for you.

For our Partner Farmers We Want -

  • No “wholesaler” taking 35-50% of sales or diluting customer/farmer relationships.
  • The money from the sale goes to the Partner Farmer.
  • Get the word out about your small farm, have visitors, develop relationships, show how you grow quality.
  • Direct support of small farms and local business.
  • Investment in humane, sustainable farming practices. Keep It Lean, Green, & Kind!

We can find everything we need in our community, lets keep it growing.



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