Help the Hungry - for every piece of chicken you buy one is donated to the food pantry

Delivery Information

Fort Clux Virtual Farmers Market currently delivers twice a month to your home, workplace or community, at a specific time. 

Where We Deliver

We deliver to your home, business or community, where ever is most convenient for you.   If you help us deliver farm fresh meats to your community, there are perks in it for you!

During checkout, put the address where you want your order delivered and a note on what days work best for you, we will do our best to meet your needs. 

We generally will deliver to downtown Raleigh on Tuesday or Wednesday and home delivery on Saturday. 

In downtown Raleigh, we deliver to Red Hat - MAYBE your company NEXT!  Remember we deliver in Coleman coolers with ice so your meats will stay frozen until you get them home.

Orders are due the Saturday before delivery week.  

    Delivery Dates

    Delivery Weeks 
    Order Due by Saturday
    Don't Forget
    May 6 - 11 04-May-19
    • Take a picnic to visit your ancestors?
    • Mothers Day
    • Ramadan 
    • Yom HaZikaron 
    • Yom HaAtzmaut
    May 19 - 25 18-May-19
    June 3 - 8 01-Jun-19
    June 17 - 22 15-Jun-19
    Independence Day 
    July 8 - 12 06-Jul-19 Canada Day / Marine Day 
    July 22-27 20-Jul-19


    Aug 5-10 03-Aug-19
    • Celebrating National Day?
    • Barbecue?

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    Aug 19-24 17-Aug-19

    Labor or Labour Day gathering?

    Sep 2 - 7 30-Aug-19

    Place a deposit on your Holiday Turkey 

    Sep 16-21 14-Sep-19
    • Australian Thanksgiving?
    • Rosh Hashana
    • Tzom Gedaliah
    • Feast of St Francis of Assisi
    Oct 7 - 12 05-Oct-18
    Oct 21-26 19-Oct-19
    • Sukkot 
    • Shmini Atzeret / Simchat Torah
    • All Saints' Day

    Place a deposit on your Holiday Turkey

    Nov 4 - 9 02-Nov-19

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    Nov 18 - 23 16-Nov-19
    • Thanksgiving
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    Dec 2 - 7 30-Nov-19
    • Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
    Get your Frozen Turkey ready for Travel plan
    Dec 16-21 14-Dec-19
    • Hanukkah 
    • Christmas
    • Boxing Day
    • New Years Day

    Pick up your fresh turkey from Fort Clux 






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