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L3F - Men’s Shave Soap Gift Set

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All Natural Shave Soap for Men (Shave Soap, Shaving Soap, Organic, All Natural, Tallow Shaving Soap)

Say goodbye to razor burn and hello to close, comfortable shaves with our all-natural shave soap for men. This shaving soap comes in a glass bowl ready for your shave brush. 

Lucky Shave is a nutrient-rich shave soap that provides a close and comfortable shave while moisturizing and protecting the skin from razor burn, bumps, and undesirable irritations. Our ultra-lathering shave soaps are made from pure and unique ingredients to nourish the skin and enhance your shaving experience. 

Like all of our skincare products, we formulated our Shave Soap by eliminating all harmful chemicals while featuring unique key ingredients provided from our farm, not from a lab. We blend our 100% grass fed beef tallow and the lard from our pastured, organically fed pigs with other natural moisturizing and therapeutic oils to create a luxurious shave soap. Indulge yourself during your next shave with our nourishing and revitalizing shave soap that will leave you looking and feeling incredibly fresh and clean-shaven.

Wet brush. Shake out most of water. Swirl brush in the shave soap bowl briskly until a good lather forms. Add a couple drops of water if needed to get a good lather formed. Apply lather to your face and shave as usual.

Usually when soap lather disappears on your face it means that the brush wasn't loaded with enough product and, of course, gets diluted even further when water is added. After soaking your brush shake out the excess water and load up your brush really well on the soap. It doesn't really matter whether you lather on your face or in a bowl, slowly add more water until the lather has a fluffy whipped cream consistency.

a light, fresh masculine scent that is not overwhelming. Very little scent will be left on your skin when done shaving.

Saponified Oils (lard, tallow, lye, coconut oil, castor oil), bentonite clay, essential oils (fir needle, grapefruit, cedarwood).

Net weight: 3.5 oz

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