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L3F - Farmer Hands Scrubby Hand Soap

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Mechanics! Farmers! Gardeners! Get stains off your hands easily with our all natural pumice soap.

From our Farm to Your Home - Farmer Hands Lard Soap (Scrub Soap, Organic Soap, All Natural Soap, Handmade Soap, Lard Soap, Hand Soap, Hand Scrub Soap, Mechanic Soap)

These simple, nourishing soaps are formulated using the lard from our pastured, organically fed pigs as the main ingredient to soften and moisturize all skin types while leaving the body squeaky-clean. The pure essential oils used in the soaps provide a revitalizing scent with therapeutic benefits. 

Like all of our skincare products, we formulate the Lucky Soaps by eliminating all harmful chemicals while featuring unique key ingredients provided from our farm, not from a lab.

INGREDIENTS: saponified lard, essential oils (grapefruit & patchouli), pumice, kaolin clay, indigo powder.

SCENT: Energizing, fresh herbal scent.

NET WEIGHT: 3.5 - 4.0 oz

DIRECTIONS: For external use for hands only. Keep out of direct water spray so soap will last longer.



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