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L3F - Farmhouse Herbs Tallow Candle

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FROM OUR FARM TO YOUR HOME - Our sustainable, eco-friendly candle uses the finest ingredients - our farm’s 100% grass fed tallow, local beeswax, and phthalate-free fragrances. 
Use the Coupon code "Buy3" at check out and get 3 for $40.00.

-SOOT-FREE: burns clean without smoke, soot, lead, or toxins
-SOY-FREE: We do not use soy wax, which supports the continued use of Monsanto’s Round-up Ready soy. Soy is genetically modified and is sprayed numerous times with herbicides known to cause cancer. We do not support GMO soy on our farm and we will not support this in our products.
-PARRAFIN-FREE: No parrafin used. When heated, this wax emits two chemicals also found in diesel fuel: benzene and toluene.  Both are known carcinogens.
-MORE SUSTAINABLE: 100% grass fed tallow comes from our farm's livestock, the beeswax comes from a local NC farm, and the fragrances come from a local NC company
-HANDMADE: each candle is hand-poured by these farmers with care and love.

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