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Lucky 3 Farm


Lucky 3 Farm is a small, veteran-owned family farm in Louisburg NC. We boldly believe every animal that is sacrificed for the nourishment of our minds and bodies should be honored. As part of our farm’s Zero Waste Project, we created some incredible all-natural products from the byproducts of our livestock - ensuring nothing is wasted.
Lucky 3 Farm Candle Co. was born - producing all-natural soaps, balms, and candles. 

Good for you and good for our earth.

Our skin absorbs everything we put on it. So nurture your skin with skincare that is simple, from nature, toxin free, and healthy for you (inside and out). Tallow and lard are amazing all natural healing moisturizers and are most like our own skin.

We raise the animals. We make the products. Lucky 3 Farm is a small sustainable farm in NC practicing organic methods. Our cattle are 100% grass fed. Our pigs are fed an organic feed milled right here on the farm. Animal welfare & soil health are top priorities - all our livestock are on pasture 24x7x365. 
Our main business is meat sales to local customers. After realizing we were going to have to throw away boxes of lard and tallow to make room in our freezer, it was apparent we had to create something useful from these products. Lucky 3 Farm Candle Co. was born. It was sheer delight to realize the products were incredible, effective, and helpful to so many people.

Your support helps us to continue farming. Let me know if you have any questions - or visit our web site - to learn more about us.

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